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How Girl-Girl Dynamics play out in our Careers + Leadership

November 17, 2020
Dr. Amy Bonomi is a professor and director of Michigan State University’s Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI).  Her scholarship and practice focus on equity, anti-violence and anti-oppression.  Her work on domestic violence recantation is nationally renowned, with her publications regularly used and cited in U.S. courts.  As an extension of her equity work, in 2019, Dr. Bonomi published Women Leading Change in Academia: Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Cliff and Slipper.  Dr. Bonomi received her Ph.D. in Health Services and M.P.H. Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Washington and earned her B.S. of Applied Psychology from Loyola University.  Dr. Bonomi and Carrie discuss girl-girl dynamics beginning at a young age, how it plays out in womanhood and its’ impact on women’s careers and leadership.

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